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The 2021 Circus Celebration has concluded, but the “Parade of Elephants” will continue throughout the summer!

Fifteen painted fiberglass elephants appeared across the Baraboo Area in conjunction with the Circus Celebration on July 10-11.

The elephants were sponsored by local businesses and painted by local artists. The Baraboo Area Chamber of Commerce offers a virtual tour of the elephants through its Visit Baraboo app, as well as a printed map that can be downloaded HERE.

The elephants will remain on display throughout the summer, then auctioned off in September at Circus World.

Get the Visit Baraboo app and take the self-guided “Parade of Elephants” tour:

Watch this page and for event updates. Download the Visit Baraboo! app from the App Store or Google Play and take a pre-arranged virtual circus history tour.

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