October 2, 2019

Baraboo Area Brand

Discover Real Baraboo brand logo

A brand new world for the Baraboo Area

It’s impossible to sum up all that’s special about the Baraboo Area in a logo and a three-word slogan, but we gave it a shot. And we love the result.
Five partners – the City, the Village of West Baraboo, the Baraboo Area Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Baraboo Inc. and the Business Improvement District – joined forces this year to create a brand for the Baraboo Area. The goal was to develop a consistent message all stakeholders could use to promote the community. The result was the “Discover Real Baraboo” brand.
The House United, a consulting firm, was hired to help develop the brand, in tandem with a committee of local leaders. While it was challenging to fit all of Baraboo’s wonders – breathtaking natural areas, fascinating historical sites, ground-breaking conservation groups and unique shopping opportunities – into a single slogan, the theme of authenticity leapt to the forefront again and again. Hence the “Discover Real Baraboo” slogan.
A logo depicting that slogan, as well as an accompanying color scheme and secondary logos, were developed and now rest in stakeholders’ hands. Baraboo Area businesses can now incorporate the brand into their own marketing, creating cohesive messaging. Soon every event poster, parade banner and roadside sign will carry elements of the brand, creating an unmistakable trademark. You’ll know it’s from Baraboo when you see the “Discover Real Baraboo” slogan and the signature “B.”
For information about the brand, contact Ben Bromley, the Baraboo Area Chamber of Commerce’s Marketing and Tourism Coordinator, at memberrelations@baraboochamber.com.

Chamber executive giving girl a temporary tattoo

Baraboo Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Darren Hornby places a temporary “B” tattoo on a girl’s arm during the Night Market in September.